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2015 – Demonstrating Impacts and Improving the Contribution of Certification to Poverty Alleviation and Improved Livelihoods.

ISEAL Alliance members are a leading group of standards systems that cover social justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability across a range of sectors. Sustainability standards, such as those promoted by ISEAL members, address pressing challenges in the world today but there remains a critical need to understand the impacts they deliver. Members recognise the importance of understanding and communicating the impacts of their programmes and using that knowledge to improve effectiveness. ISEAL members  involved in the project include Forest Stewardship Council, Fairtrade International, 4C Association, Rainforest Alliance / Sustainable Agriculture Network, Union for Ethical Bio Trade, and UTZ CERTIFIED.


Photo credit: 4C

Through support from the Ford Foundation, ISEAL and a group of members are working to understand the contribution that certification has made towards sustainable rural livelihoods and pro-poor development practices. This includes agreement on a set of common indicators to track impacts on poverty and the development of monitoring and evaluation systems that will allow sustainability standards to improve their impacts over time. The project upholds ISEAL’s goal to promote learning and improvement among our members and ensures that standards continue to play a significant role in moving industry towards sustainability.

Reducing Poverty for Smallholders

ISEAL and its members will utilise data on impacts to demonstrate that standards can alleviate poverty and foster improved livelihoods for smallholder producers and labourers working primarily in agriculture and forestry. In the first two years and with funding from Ford, we will work to reach agreement on indicators, integrate M&E systems into our organisations, test data collection and analysis strategies and examine existing knowledge. Throughout the project, ISEAL will promote innovation across the leading standards systems.


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  1. careyresearchandconsulting
    November 8, 2012

    If you are a researcher working on impact evaluation of voluntary standards systems we would like to hear from you! Please email: with details of research project and organisation.

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